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Version 1.3.3

SG Eligibility Decision Tool

Takes 1 to 5 minutes to complete

What is the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) eligibility decision tool?

This decision tool is designed to help you as a resident employer to understand whether you need to make superannuation contributions for individuals you employ (including any contractors who are treated as employees).

Once you have answered a series of questions, you will be given a report that contains:

  • a decision if an individual is eligible for superannuation for this particular arrangement
  • a summary of the information you have provided, and
  • a summary of your superannuation obligations relating to the individual.

You will remain anonymous at all times. None of your personal information is recorded by the ATO.

You cannot stop part way through the decision tool and save your answers to finish later.

Important information

  • This tool provides guidance on:
    • Individuals who are employees for superannuation purposes under the Superannuation Guarantee Administration Act 1992 (SGAA)
  • The decision as to whether the individual is eligible for superannuation is limited to this arrangement. The decision cannot be relied upon if the arrangement changes or in respect of different arrangements with other workers.
  • We have made every effort, including consultation with community groups and tax professionals, to make sure this decision tool is accurate.
Takes 1 to 5 minutes to complete