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Determination of residency

Version 4.3.1
Takes 5 minutes to complete
This tool may help you determine whether you are an Australian resident for tax purposes. Use this tool if:
  • You recently arrived in Australia, or
  • You have been or will have been in Australia for more than 6 months of this income year.
If you have a visa issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, your visa may have some reference to you being a resident. This does not mean you are automatically an Australian resident for taxation purposes. Using this tool may help you to determine residency status for tax purposes.
Your residency status for tax purposes is important because it helps determine your liability to pay Australian income tax. The ATO has published Residency - overview explaining when someone coming to Australia will be treated as an Australian resident for taxation purposes.
In order to determine your residency status for tax purposes you will need to answer a series of questions about your personal circumstances.
This tool gives a decision based on the information you provide.  
As a result is based solely on your answers, the outcome is not binding on the ATO. Whether or not you are an Australian resident for tax purposes will be determined on the actual facts of your situation.
If your circumstances change you should use this tool again to assess whether your tax residency status has also changed.
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