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Payment arrangement calculator

widget You cannot use this calculator for superannuation debts.
Takes 5 minutes to complete


This calculator will help you calculate how quickly you can pay off your tax debt. It will also take into account the interest you will be charged.

You can calculate different payment scenarios based on your circumstances and then use this as a guide to propose a payment arrangement to the ATO.

When creating a payment scenario, be realistic about your financial situation and other factors, which may affect your ability to maintain payments for the entire period of the payment arrangement.

You can use this calculator if your debt does not exceed $25,000. If your debt is over $25,000 please call 13 11 42 between 8:00am and 6:00pm weekdays to discuss payment options.

What does this calculator do?

The calculator can calculate the frequency and amount of your payments in two ways:

1.      How long it will take you to pay off your debt, based on how much you can afford to pay each week, fortnight or month.

2.      If you want to pay off the debt in a set period, say within six months, it will calculate how much you need to pay each week, fortnight or month.

In both cases, you will be provided with a schedule of the estimated payments.

General Interest Charge (GIC)

If we give you extra time to pay, you are required by law to pay interest on your debt. The calculator displays the current rate of GIC. GIC is tax deductable in the income year in which it is incurred.

GIC rates

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Takes 5 minutes to complete