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Do I need to Lodge a Tax Return ?

This interactive application will ask you questions about your personal circumstances to help determine whether you need to lodge an income tax return this year.

Information you will need

  • details of any income you have received and tax withheld from employment or in respect of a pension, benefit or allowance
  • whether you have had tax withheld from any other payments that have been made to you

  • whether you are eligible for an Australian Government pension - as a war veteran or war widow or widower
  • for the purposes of the seniors and pensioners tax offsets, you will need to know your rebate income and your spouse's (if applicable) rebate income - for further information regarding this, refer to Income tests calculator.

  • If you have investment income or are a beneficiary from a trust, you will need to know whether you were entitled to receive a franking credit from a dividend or trust distribution
You may need additional information depending on your circumstances.
For help with answering a question, select the Help with this page button.


This tool gives a decision based on the information you have provided.
If your circumstances later change, the result may no longer be accurate. You will need to use the tool again using the updated information.
Note :   The Commissioner of Taxation can require anyone in Australia to lodge a tax return regardless of their circumstances. If you have received a notice requiring you to lodge a tax return, you must lodge the return(s) required regardless of the result that you get using this tool.