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Capital gains tax property exemption tool

Version 1.6.1
Takes 10 to 30 minutes to complete
Read this page before continuing to use this tool

What is the capital gains tax (CGT) property exemption tool?

If you had sole or joint ownership of a property that you sold or are going to sell (or otherwise dispose of), this tool will help you work out what proportion of your capital gain is exempt from capital gains tax. In the report at the end of the tool you will be given a percentage assessable, not a monetary figure.

Who is the CGT property exemption tool for?

This tool is for individuals who want to find out what proportion of their capital gain is exempt from tax on disposal of, for example, a:
  • home
  • home that they have lived in and vacated for a period of time
  • home, part of which has been used to produce income
  • rental property, or
  • vacant block of land.
Takes 10 to 30 minutes to complete