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ABN Entitlement Tool

Version: 09.1.1
Takes 5 to 15 minutes to complete

What is the ABN Entitlement Tool?

This decision tool is designed to assist individuals to determine whether they are entitled to register for an ABN. The tool will assist you to decide whether:
  • You have undertaken sufficient activities to start an enterprise
  • The business activities you are engaged in are an enterprise
  • You are a contractor rather than an employee
The information tool is not designed for use by other entities such as companies, partnerships or trusts.

Once you have answered a series of questions you will be provided with information regarding your entitlement to an ABN. At the end of the questionnaire you will be provided with a report.

You will remain anonymous at all times. No personal information will be transmitted to the Tax Office.

You cannot stop part way through the decision tool and save your answers to finish later.

Important information

  • This tool provides guidance on an individual's entitlement to register for an ABN.
  • Provided your answers reflect the actual circumstances of the arrangement, we will not penalise you for following the information provided in this decision tool.
  • We have made every effort to make sure this decision tool is accurate.
  • Any information provided is for you to make your own informed decision. As part of this process, it is recommended that you talk to your tax adviser or the Tax Office.
  • Any information report provided to you by the Tax Office is based on the information you have provided. If there is a change in your circumstances, the information provided by the Tax Office to you may be subject to change.