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Simple tax calculator


Input details

  Enter your taxable income. If amount is a loss, enter 0. (Do not show cents.)
Taxable income is gross income less allowable deductions.
  Select the relevant income year 2013
  Your residency status for income tax purposes will determine your tax-free threshold. The standards the ATO uses to determine residency status are not the same as those used by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Generally, the ATO considers you to be an Australian resident for income tax purposes if :
  • you have always lived in Australia
  • you have come to Australia and live here, or
  • you have actually been in Australia for more than half of the income year - unless your usual home is overseas and you do not intend to live in Australia.


  Select your residency status during the above income year Resident for full year
      Non-resident for full year
      Part-year resident
    If Part-year resident, state the number of months that you were, or expect to be, a resident.